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Anyone feel like he ain't working in a good place can always go to Englewood DPW. :laughing:

Englewood's Public Works supervisor has surrendered to face a charge of trying to run over a co-worker.
Adams was charged with attempted assault for allegedly trying to run over John Cioffi as she drove into the public works yard on Oct. 28.
The city truck driver had filed a racial discrimination suit against that was settled in a 2009. The suit claimed Adams, who is black, snapped her fingers at Cioffi, whistled and yelled, "Come here, white boy. Come here, white boy."
Kind of dangerous in my ex-hood :laughing:

Previous story (the racial bias suit was apparently settled in a 2009 confidential agreement)

City worker sues over race discrimination
Tuesday, November 27, 2007


ENGLEWOOD -- A city truck driver is suing the city, claiming his boss discriminated against him because he is white.

John Cioffi says that Department of Public Works supervisor Danette Adams, who is black, created a "divisive black against white work environment" between management and rank-and-file workers.

The suit alleges that Adams snapped her fingers at Cioffi, whistled and yelled, "Come here white boy, come here white boy."

Adams also called Cioffi "a dumb white piece of trash," and referred to the white men she supervises as "pet dogs," according to the lawsuit, which was filed this month in state Superior Court.

DPW Director Clyde Sweatt, who is also named in the suit, said the charges were being reviewed internally, but he said he didn't think they had any basis.

"I don't know of any racial situations that are divisive here," he said. "I haven't been told of any, and I haven't seen any."

He referred other comments to a city lawyer. Adams did not return two phone calls.

This is the second time Adams has been sued this year. Lawrence Coward, a general laborer, filed a lawsuit against Adams in May, claiming sexual harassment. In his suit, Coward claims Adams demoted him because he was sick and repeatedly harassed him, "calling into doubt his manhood."

Cioffi is suing for damages for emotional distress, pain and suffering and legal fees. Besides Adams and Sweatt, he is suing the Department of Public Works, and another supervisor, Darryl Fennell. Sweatt and Fennell were named because they supervise Adams.

In the lawsuit, he also alleges that after a lawn mower was marooned on a city street, Adams said, "Leave it to a dumb white guy to get a mower stuck on a curb."
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