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Email sent to me...

Renovation, Repair & Painting Rule Information

1) Almost every single contractor is going to have to take the RRP Lead certification class unless all they paint is new residential and new commercial. Even submitting a bid to paint a house, apartment complex or commercial edifice built prior to 1978 is illegal if not certified

2) This law is not ONLY for painters. If you have customers that are remodelers, General Contractor’s and the like that will do any kind of work on a home or office built prior to 1978 they must be certified as well

3) Every outside salesperson and inside counter person should go down their list and figure out who needs to be certified and call them to let them know as a service

4) Fines are up to $32,500 per incident and potentially per DAY! Ignorance of the law will not be an excuse (it’s actually written into the law that way)

5) Even after attending class, the contracting FIRM will have to pay $300 to get certified from the EPA. Some states require a separate STATE fee in addition to the Federal Fee (currently NC and WI). ALL states are likely to move in this direction

6) It is recommended that EVERY salesperson and division manager sit through the class. Do not need to take the test but to be aware of what the contractor HAS to do.

7) If 10 customers are committed you can arrange a class

Hopefully this bit of information is helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please post them to the EPA-RRP thread on the ALLPRO website bulletin board, so fellow members can respond.
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