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This evaluation is also posted on " the other forum " But I wanted to share this info with my Corvette friends here on DigitalCorvettes .
For those of you considering performance mods for the A6 equipped Corvette , I would like to tell you my impression of this new differential . First of all , I am only an amateur driver , and have yet to run a 1/4 mile in this car so I am not able to provide comparison time slips of before and after . The first thing I noticed when driving the 2006 A6 home after delivery was that I missed the lower gearing of my 2001 ZO6 . The usual " bolt-ons " and a cam were added which netted a RWHP of 392 and RWTQ of 378 on a Dynojet . After much research and calculations , I decided on going with the lower 3.15 gear ratio offered by DTE . Here are my observations and conclusions :
1 ) My car launches easily and reaches it's power band at 20 mph .
2 ) After tuning , the car slams into 2nd gear at half to WOT with no loss of power . I do not feel any torque management intrusion .
3 ) I don't know if I am a skilled enough driver to handle this set up with 150 more horsepower , although I am sure many of you are .I understand that the twin turbo cars must " feather " the throttle in first until it hooks up .
4 ) My gas mileage dropped 1-2 mpg at 70 mph . 27 mpg is still acceptable to me on a trip .
5 ) I use 6th gear more now .
6 ) When cruising at 70 mph in 6th gear , my rpm's went from 1500 to 1875 .
7 ) There is slightly more exhaust noise due to the increase in RPM's at any given speed .
8 ) This is not the cheapest mod , but one I feel is necessary to make the Corvette perform to it's capabilities .
9 ) DTE has this down to a fine art , my install took 5 hours . Phil is extremely skillful at tuning to the cars intended use .
Overall , this modification makes my car a blast for me to drive with no decrease in reliability . I recommend a good dyno tune and transmission tweaking to get the full potential out of the car . I would do it again tomorrow and encourage any of you to seriously consider this as a good performance upgrade . I am also sure that many of you will have questions or criticisms . Respectfully submitted , Larry R. Quinn
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