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Exhaust questions

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I’ve got lotsa questions on side pipes.

First my info:

I’ve got a ‘79 L82 automatic with AC. 225hp stock. I’ve saved up $1800 and I really like the look of side pipes. Emissions police are not an issue where I live. I know they will be loud and I know some vette owners can’t stand them after about 20 minutes on the highway…

Right now I’m considering chrome or ceramic coated Hooker super competition side mount headers, chrome Hooker pipes and chrome heat shields. About $1500 total for the parts.


How high do you have to get the car off the ground to install the side pipe headers? Can a side pipe system be installed just using car ramps or do I need to have a shop with a lift do this part?

I’ve had the manifolds off once already to coat them with heat paint so getting them off should be easy this time.

Looks to me that I will have to modify the AC bracket to get the passenger side header on correct?

Will it matter if I go with ceramic coated headers and then chrome side pipes?

Do I have to modify or cut the rocker panel molding where the headers exit out the side behind the front tire?

What would you recommend for the muffler in the side pipes? Are there any out there that allow you some flexibility on the volume by just reversing the muffler in the pipe?

What kind of hp gains would I expect from this mod? 10hp? 20?

Will the reduced backflow pressure caused by changing to headers require me to do any engine tuning? (I’m kinda stretching on this question so sorry if it’s a stupid one)

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I can't answer most of your questions, but you might look at these heat shields.

These are crafted for Corvettes.
I can't answer most of your questions, but you might look at these heat shields.

These are crafted for Corvettes.
Wow...those are saaaaweat!:surprised
I had Chrome pipes on my 72 back when I bought the car in 1978. It was loud and gre tired of them and sold them for $100. The chrome was excellant back then but I have seen some newer pipe rusting and pitted after a relatively short time. I ran mine without a muffler as well.

You need to get the car high enough to roll the headers under it. I use large jack stands to hold the car up 2'. My pipe fit without any cutting of the rocker panels.
And you'll need a header-style A/C bracket.
PM me with your email address and I'll send you the installation instructions. You have to get one side up 25-30" so you can swing the pipe up from the bottom. I had mine on ramps and had to jack the one side up a little further. As far as mufflers go, I've tried most all that are out there. The following is MY opinion:
Hooker reverse flow= very quiet but restrictive
Hooker glass packs= OK sound, not real loud but restrictive.
Hooker Max Flows= no restriction but really LOUD.
STS turbo baffles= good sound not objectionable at speed.:thumbsup:
Open pipes= what did you say!!
Try to get some 24" jack stands. You probably don't need this for a sidepipe install but it is much easier to work underneath a car with some room.

I should know, my car has been on 24" stands for 3 years!:laughing:
BBSHark, one of these days you're going to have to teach that thing to stand on it's own again. :laughing:

The Hookers and sidepipes have been on mine so long I don't know how high I had to raise it. But I did just go from OPEN PIPES to STS Baffles. And I really like the way it sounds. I also got a set of JETHOT coated headers and pipes. That'll be a winter project, changing from painted black to the Jet-Hot Sterlings.

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