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Black 08, A&A TI supercharger. Kooks headers. CCW wheels. Much more
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scotts01z06 said:
Hey everyone, newbie here. Looks like a nice place you got here.
Well, I've been stung by the mod bug, I'm wanting to buy a set of borla stinger exhaust. I figure I would go ahead and sell my factory titanium exhaust before I get the borla here. I'm selling 2001 z06 exhaust - $500 + shipping
2001 Z06 air box cover - best offer + shipping
Let me know if you are interested in either items.
next friday i was/am buying a cat-back.its going to be stinger 2 tips.shipped 625 bucks.i would buy yours if your willing to go 500 including shipping to hawaii.thers a doctor at work selling his,but hes selling from exhaust manifolds back for 800.he said he would think about letting just the cat-back go to me for 400.i told him i will take the first offer that comes along.i have a couple other zo6 guys thinking the same deal over(500 to hawaii).if nothing turns up i will get the stingers,im just a little conserned about the noise as my cats are gutted.if you dont want to i understand.the first one to go for a deal i will commite to.the money order will go out friday to someone.have a good weekend,Todd.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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