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I just love getting new projects, Ipretty lucky to get this 81.

I notice the lower radiator shroud was not pinned in to the radiator clips. Sitting in hot Dallas traffic today it started to climb, I picked up the new fan clutch ( to get rid of the hoover sound of a locked up clutch) and while fan was removed I pinned the fan shroud. VIOLA car cool so much better with out have that space on the lower radiator.

Next I will get the radiator foam from zip and finish directing the air into the radiator.

I am shocked at how much a locked up fan clutch will suck HP away. Every time I would hammer 6000-6500 on it with the clutch locked up, the belts would squeel to high heaven and start smoking. I have belt shrapnel all over my engine. New belts installed too. they were all glazed over.
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