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Okay, this is a big one! We will be leaving Dunkin Donuts in the Boozer Shopping Center at 8:30 and head to Lancaster, SC. This cruise is being done with Metrolina of Charlotte and Palmetto Corvettes of Sumter, SC.

The City of Lancaster is all excited that their city has been chosen - like there was a contest - as the meeting location for our 3 clubs. The Mayor's Office has stated they are going to advertise the 3-club event on the city's website, supply photographers and police to help with traffic, and cover it with the local paper so I guess we can expect some crowds.

We will arrive in Lancaster around 10AM and most likely out by 10:30 since we have alot of territory to cover. They are basically in a shock and awe mode over the possiblity of a large number of Vettes showing up.

From Lancaster, we will take a back road round about cruise from there to Winnsboro, SC where we well eat at Enzo's Italian Eatery.

If you're planning on coming, contact Barbara at [email protected] so we can have an approximate head count.

Should be a great time for all!! Come cruise with the Renegades!
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