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Ferrari’s Future
Millechili concept is lean and green


AutoWeek | Published 06/29/07, 2:24 pm et

MARANELLO, Italy -- Pressure to cut fuel use and CO2 emissions is a big challenge to the makers of high-performance cars.

Ferrari’s response is to make future models lighter. The strategy: Smaller engines will emit less CO2 without dulling the automaker’s high-speed heritage.

As it celebrated its 60th anniversary last week, Ferrari previewed the future with the Millechili concept.

Compared with the Ferrari Enzo, the Millechili is 1000mm shorter and 300kg lighter. The concept’s name means 1,000kg in Italian -- a reference to the car’s curb weight.

The Millechili, equipped with a twin turbocharged, direct injection 3.0-liter V-8 rated at 550hp, would be faster than the 800hp, V-12 FXX super car, Ferrari said. But the Millechili would use 42 percent less fuel, and CO2 emissions would drop from more than 400 grams per kilometer to about 250g/km, Ferrari said.
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