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Finally Registering

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I guess I would be the new guy since I just registered. I have been sampling your site for a while (along with some others), but I saw something about some special prices... and that convinced me to join.
I have a Black 2001 C5 Convertible :cool: that I bought when I was leaving Europe (military). I initially thought about getting a Porsche, but after driving one that was in my price range, I just couldn't get over how crappy the guage layout was, and how cheap the seats felt. Then I compared prices with Americas best, and was sold on the corvette.

I had it first in Arizona, checked the speedometer on the track... it at least goes 173 (I hear there is a limiter at 176).
Then I towed it to Fayetteville, NC and it sat for the better part of 2 years in my garage, while I played in the sandboxes of the world.
Finally I had it hauled (someone stole my trailer in NC) to the California desert, where I have put 22000 miles on it in a year driving to and from work (62 each way) because it gets great mileage (average 27mpg), and it actually makes the drive fun!
I had been surfing the forums for some ideas my wife will let me do, and I landed on DC looking for LED lights (the Black Cherry would look great). I have been trying to find the time to install a Computer in the car since I returned from the Sandboxes, and was almost done when someone hit me in the parking lot. :thud: So now I am waiting to get it back to finish the install.

After being on both Coasts though, I have to say Californians are the least friendly Corvette drivers. Arizona, everyone did the "V" wave, NC most did, but CA you have to do it several times before they catch on or acknowledge you, and I have several in my neighborhood.
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After being on both Coasts though, I have to say Californians are the least friendly Corvette drivers.
California is on it's own planet entirely. Who knows why they do what they do there! :laughing:

LED's are a sweet upgrade and really make the back of the car look more modern. And the LED "instant on" is just trick as hell. Plus, they are as bright as the sun, everyone will see them. At night you illuminate the car behind you so their entire interior is glowing red. It's pretty funny. I have them, love them.

Sorry to hear about your accident. Thanks for kicking ass in the sand boxes. :thumbsup:
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