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finicky wind shield wipers ?

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hi guys, I just bought my first vette, its an 84 crosfire. runs like a champ. it was raining yesterday, and I gave the wipers a try, and I say try and mean it, as they came up about 2 inches and then quit, and would verry randomly work a full swipe across the wind shield, but most of the time they would both just try and move up from behind the cowl and only get about an inch or 2 and then go back down, it was verry troubling.

im thinking that ? maybe the wiper motor is bad, or maybe some gears inside it are missing teeth and allowing it to skip and not make a full sweep of the wipers, OR, could the scissor action that connects both wipers together have gained enough free slack or worn out enough to cause this erratic wiper motions?

as I was driving in the rain, I really needed the wipers, so I was messing with them, and found that pressing the switch down, like in cleaning mode that the wipers would make one sucessful full sweep. and thats how I got my self home in the rain, but man that was a pain, pressing the wiper switch every time I need a wipe of the window, and kinda scary.

have any of you guys had similar problems? where do I start to fix the problem? would you suggest replacing the wiper motor first and then go from there?
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Well if you could make it work everytime by hitting the clean button I would rule out gears and look at the switch. There must be something in there not allowing it to stay in complete contact with the wiper motor. You can get the switch from your local Chevy dealer for about $40 and it'd be a ton cheaper than a new motor not to mention much easier to install. Take out the switch and jumper the wires to see if you can make the wipers work.
sweet idea. I know that the window rubbers have been replaced recently due to the old ones being cracked and tore up, so maby water had been entering the switches on the doors and causing them to corrode.
the rear deck lid switch is also faulty and needs to be replaced.

I am going to try and take out the wiper switch and see if I can get them to work by jumping the contacts.
thank you verry much:)
No problem. If you were a little closer we could throw mine in there but you could just buy a new on for what it would cost in gas to get here.:laughing:
When i got my vette the wiper switch had nearly the same problem. It was the switch. what happened was it got gummed up with the same stuff that coats old steering wheels, human sweat. i put a couple shots of "deox-it" in it and it worked striaght away. (i found this out after replacing the motor.) deox-it is a electronics cleaning fluid that also lubricates.(doesnt dry out contacts) just spray a couple shots in and move the switch through its entire range a few times and that should do it.
hope this helps.
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