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hello guys,
im just about to buy a mini ram 1205 size intake finally!

any way jim @ tpis said that if i want to fit a 1205 size port mini ram intake on my 1991 l98 alloy heads that i would have to modify my heads/grinding to fit!

he said that i can carefully do this with ther heads on the car, but i would have to cover all the ports and evert thing carefully!!!
he said i would have to grind my heads/valve covers or some thing!

has any one had to do this and had this problem please ?
how do i go about doing this please?
how much to grind,where,how please ?
im desperate to know how and where abouts to do this please .

does any one have any pictures on this subject please ?
any help please guys!
thanks alot

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8,627 Posts Ram intake instructions.doc

notice theres no mention of grinding anything in the installation instructions

I ran a mini-ram at one time, and I don,t remember having any significant problems durring the install. Id call back and ask for clearification and exact detailed info, BTW your stock L98 ports are already fairly close to the 1205 port size (just alittle smaller in stock form, but easy to port match up to 1205 size). perhaps your getting the wrong info or the guy you were talking too or you were thinking the larger 1206 port size intake?

this is 1205 size ports with a 1206 gasket


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Check with Edelbrock for the new RPM Air-Gap LT1/LT4 intakes they released about 6 months ago. The 1205 is a pretty big intake size for a LT1 head and unless you have spent some hours porting cylinder heads you may find you are not sucessful in your attempt to port match this intake. I would REMOVE the cylinder heads to perfom this operation and NOT ATTEMPT to do it on the car!
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