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Let me set a little preface here first. I got this really bad hunk of junk for one reason only, to be a driveway ornament, never to be driven on the road, tagged or titled.

It just barely moves, engine, trans, brakes are shot, the interior is half missing, all the vinyl seating, carpet has deteriorated to nothing, half a dash, digitals are gone, all badging stripped off, it's really a piece of crap, should have been in the scrap yard years ago. One surprising thing about it is the body panels and windows are in decent shape.

Previous owner had rattled canned the entire exterior and, as you can expect, did not turn out well. Not looking the way I wanted, sanded it down and threw some colored primer on it, not rattled canned but brushed and rolled. Here are the results, and to me, turned out better than expected for something that's just going to sit outside.

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Put it on Ebay as a rare Vette with a suede paint job. Some idiot just mighty give you 20K for it
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