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Follow along as I install 69 style side pipes with headers

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Here's a pic of the Hedman Hedders with collectors. Scored them on Fleabay for $75. I'm using collectors with a bung installed for an O2 sensor since I'm planning to get an LM1 someday to dial in the carb.

Note that there is a bushing installed in the collector since the smallest collector I could find is 2 1/4" and stock side pipes are 2". Yes, I know that they are restrictive however I'm usually in the lower RPMs where I won't notice it much. . . hopefully.

A close up of the collector showing the great weld job. . . not mine; Hedman's.

A pic of the cmplete setup. Pipes haven't been cut to length yet.

Headers are installed. Measuring where to cut.

Another shot showing positioning the pipe to measure where to cut. That's as far as I got today. I'm going to take the pipes to work and use the power saw there to make the cut.
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Don't worry about that bushing. It don't mean nothin' on the street, and when you're at the strip you unbolt the collector and run them wide open anyway ;) :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Setup looks pretty cool. :D

Great job. Thanks for the info... Could you start on my BB 71 next.:D
What are you going to use for side pipe covers? Before you do any cutting maybe you should test-fit with the covers in place. JAT.
I've got some ratty fiberglass covers that I will be using for now. Once I'm satisfied with the fit of everything I will get some new glass covers.

Ok I've got the headers on now. Here's a couple pics of the alternator bracket I'm using since I don't have the accessory mounts on the the heads. These brackets work better than anything else I've tried.

You can get the bracket from Jeg's. Its PN 289-88301.

Here's a pic of a gasket ready to install.

I used the copper high temp Permatex RTV sealer.

Here are some pics with the side pipes installed.

Yep, It looks like crap. :down: They are hanging way down in front. Looks like I'm going to have to make a trip to the muffler shop and have some pipes made up.

If I had it to do over again I would have got these high-performance version pipes from Sweet Thunder and saved myself about $75.

Oh well live and learn.
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Now to really become a member of the "Sidepipe Club" you have to go out for a nice long ride and burn your leg on the pipes when you come back. :laughing: Wear shorts for maximum effect and Gold Membership.
:rolling: :smack
Yep, It looks like crap. :down:
Actually, I kinda like the way it looks. Kind of a "rat rod Vette". Ain't nothing wrong with that. There are some VERY fast rat rods running around ;)

Well, I took it to the muffler shop and I think its looking a lot better. I had them cut off the 2" pipe and install 2 1/4" which might help the restriction a little bit. Of course there is still the restriction of the mufflers themselves. I really do like the sound of the sidepipes tho. Someday I'll have to get it dynoed with the side pipes and also with the headers open and see just how much HP they're costing me.

I think the right side might still need to be tucked up in the front but I think I will go ahead and install the covers and see how it looks.
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Looks great! But I suggest you coat the welds and bare metal with something to prevent rust :thumbsup:

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