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for the guys that don,t think..

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for those guys that don,t THINK..they need to spend the cash for a lakewood scatter shield and think its ok to race......look thru these pictures

then think what youll do when your cut clean off at the shins if the clutch/flywheel decides to come apart, I can absolutely garauntee that frame was harder to cut thru than your legs would have been!!
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WOW!! Sounds like its worth the investment. Any info on where to get one and what they cost?

theres DOZENS of differant models , SIZES ETC. but LAKEWOODS about the best known brand and JEGS AND SUMMIT HAVE THEM
Those would have to be modified to fit a ZF-6 clutch slave cylinder, no?
call and ask, theres DOZENS of models and one thats a dirrect bolt and go is probably available

and lakewoods NOT the only source
Shades of the mid engine top fuel dragster. Now you see why all of the top fuel motors set behind the driver.
I've seen many pics like that from DSM (Talon/Eclipse) guys. Scary stuff.
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