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For the Haters Stingray sale are up 128.9% lol

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I remember when people said that gm was going to make a second year redone to the corvette because it wont sell.
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128.9% sale increase , any doubt about it ?
Staying power. That's the key to your data. Look at Obama's rating... do you think all the people who voted for him in 2008 would vote for him today? One year does not tell the whole story. Come back in 5 years and then we'll talk. ;)
... It's like expecting to **** your wife as much throughout your entire marriage as you did the first year.
I was thinking of that example... which reminds me of why I ain't trying to get married. :D
... If the economy stays healthy C7 lovers need to step up and put their money where their mouth is.
Yea, especially you YOUNG guys. That way, there will be a C8. :D
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I was just drinking my drink when i read its all over my screen!
:laughing: :laughing:

I am NOT marriage material. At least I am honest with the women I deal with. ;)
That was my sentiment exactly, for many years....until the right woman came my way.
Not at all. I'm just too damn demanding for most women. I'm high maintenance. :D :laughing:
Lmao I thought you were a Mack Daddy Junk!So do you make them pay for everything?And how do you get them to do it?
No, not THAT kind of high maintenance. The kind of high maintenance where it's my way or the highway and I'm the ONLY one in the relationship who wears the pants. I'm also the only one allowed in the Vette with no high heels. I got this thang for women in heels. :D

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Junk i will definitely have to meet you sometime. Maybey i can learn some Mack skills from you! And lol on the heels & did you custom the two tone seats?or is that factory?
You have to keep some crazy hours if you want to run with me. I chase the ladies 24/7. :D

Those seats are custom. Here's the thread I did when I changed them. :thumbsup:
That's why he got kicked out :smack
You Frenchmen better be nice to us Marines. You may one day need all those rifles that you dropped back in 1940. :D
... Where do you find your ladies at during this time of year?
Indoors. :laughing:
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