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Ford GT vs. ZR1??

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My son said he saw a youtube video yesterday of a Ford GT beating a ZR-1 in a race. I don't know much about the Ford, but I am skeptical. Anyone know how the performance of those two cars matches up??:huh:
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OH really? Why does GM put Launch Control on these cars?
1/4 mile times are in every major road test and review for a reason. Think about it?

I think you could just say that drag racing isn't the only thing it's built for. Many folks track their car to be challenged by lap times, but drag racing (1/4 mile time) is and will always be relevant.

Looking at the video, it appears the Corvette driver is not very experienced but I do agree that we don't know much about that GT. I've seen many ZR1's and Z06's get 3.6 0-60 times. I suspect if the race went a mile the ZR1 would catch up but let's not make excuses. In that race the GT smoked the Vette.

I think a 2012 100K GTR will get a considerably better 0-60 time than either car because of the AWD and Nissan's constant improvements each year. If we go by price, an (AWD) Porsche Turbo for about the price of a Ford GT will go about 3.1 0-60 and the Turbo "S" (currently the quickest Porsche) is a little more $ (180K) but will turn a 2.7 ,almost as quick as a Bugatti Veyron (2.6) for 1/10th the price. The Veyron of course will go 250+MPH for the extra million dollars plus.

I'm looking forward to the New Viper tests. Should be amazing.

I do enjoy certain aspects of the GT and I think it was great to see Ford build an exotic car.

The 1/4 mile will always be one important gold standard in testing. Show me a road test for a performance car without one?

One more thing: When people say: "It's only a few tenths", we must remember that one tenth of a second in a QM race is approx. one car length! If you loose a 1/4 mile race by 3 car lengths (3/10ths of a second) you got crushed!
Old news now. But the new viper lost to the zr-1. Even in the looks catagory.
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