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Hi guys,

This is the first set I have had here at the shop in my own hands. All I can say is WOW, you will not find another wheel manufacturer that puts this kind of detail into a wheel.

I snapped some shots for the customer and did a quick test fit on a ZR1 as he will be upgrading the brakes on his Z06 to this as well.

GA3R center lock wheel, and adapter

ForgeLine logo detail

Hub stub with nut and safety lock

Front ZR1 test

Rear ZR1 test

Hub adapter...fits ZR1 hats as well!

Just have to wait until he gets tires and mounted on his car to see them on his Z06.

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Very sharp.:surprised

I'd be more than happy to show off those wheels for you guys on my Corvette. You help sell em.;)

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