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I just received a box with small amount of car parts, stuff I didn't immediately need, but would be nice to have on hand when finishing the car. Where I screwed up is not ordering very carefully.

I paid for, and received, one headlight bumper stop, for $3.95, free shipping.

Who the heck, outside of a body shop, needs to buy just one headlight bumper stop. the inventory labor alone would probably make selling a set of two just as profitable, for how simple and small the part is.

I was careless, figuring the old stops were probably heat hardened after twenty years, so fresh elasticity in the old travel limiter couldn't hurt things, so kicked in four bucks to renew the stops. I had heard they were discontinued from the factory, which spurred my buying decision, but didn't check. still haven't .

I accept that plastic is sometimes alarmingly expensive today, but it kind of stings to be holding a bag with a single dinky little plastic stop when I was mistakenly expecting a set for four bucks. one gets similar stuff all the time for free, to protect the ends of electrical plugs, all kinds of stuff. they are just not dedicated corvette parts, which probably could be boiled in water to restore elasticity , like a lot of common flexible materials.

Now I have a complication as result of my careless buying. Do I invest another four bucks , making a set of the dinky things cost eight bucks, a cost which I would normally reject for such small benefit , since the old ones still work, and match cosmetically. I could landfill the mistake, saving me from storing the thing without need for an undetermined about of years, which would break with some long established patterns, or landfill one of the old stops, and run a mismatched set . what I really need is another careless guy with just one bump stop, and we could work something out.

Sending it back would be cost prohibitive , the free shipping was only because I finally kicked down and bought a window valet, a handy convenience item for a convertible. The only time I ever saw one demonstrated, it didn't work correctly , while the owner said , ""huh, it never did that before". So I wasn't in a blinding rush to get one, it was only an impulse item, used to get free shipping on a few inexpensive items I had on a list of needs stored in memory.

I have now learned why a written list is the way to go. More organization gets better results, and is way cheaper and more effective than impulse buying. Plus you avoid the lingering effects of careless stupidity and regret over a four dollar part. will I now get out a yellow pad and make a list?, probably not.
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