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Fuel Economy

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Hi all.

Just the other day at the madhouse where I work our software guru who is a jeep nut with an old willys amongst other things told me about acetone reduceing fuel consumption and not harming the engine. So this morning I found this site:

Anyone else had any dealings with this? the science to me seems valid but as a writer I know how to bend reality with words so who knows....
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disclaimer: too lazy to do an in-depth analysis.

having said that, I am a chemist and took out one of my solvent reference books to eyeball a few figures. For the claim of reduced surface tension - acetone is slightly higher than heptane, octane, ethanol at room temp - so the article is wrong there. For the claim of increased vapor pressure - YES it has significantly higher vapor pressure at room temp - I don't see an advantage only a increased likely hood of vapor lock and pre-ignition. As for that low of a level (3000 - 5000 ppm) of additive increasing gas mileage 20-30% as claimed seems really a stretch. I do pharmaceutical not petroluem research, but in safety studies of explosivity/ reactivity of things we make it generally takes a minimum of 1-2% w/w additive to see effects and were only talking earlier decomposition onset (= lower ignition temps) not a change in overall amount of energy liberated. Here's the kicker, in our non-computer controlled C3s you'd have to re-jet, re-tune for an altered fuel mixture to see any change.

BUT I would be curious to see someone try this out and report. maybe I'll be more motivated to investigate further.

Oh, if this was true let's make special additive gas to magically increase mileage by 25% and sell it for 10% mark-up with the cost of 3 oz of acetone being essentially free at bulk scale.

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I forgot to mention that you can put a suprising variety of solvents in the fuel tank and still have it run. I worked with a guy in the past who used recycle the waste solvent into his gas tank while poor and in college. I can't really see any harm coming from doping in a few percent of acetone.

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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