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funny story (if your not me)

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so i have this 86 coupe im trying to get ready to sell. I have needed to replace a few minor parts here and there. yeesterday i had to replace the carpet and foam block under the dash on the driver side. as soon as i got the old part out i saw a mountain of wonky wires hanging down from the viper alarm that was installed. (at this point i would like to point out the several bumps on my head from communicating with nearby wall.) i get everything back together and go to start the vehicle. I tell you it cranked soooo nicely. didnt start, but man it cranked well. after a few hours of talking to the wall again i decide to put it to rest for the night. i get up this morning, dive deep into searching this forum for any/all possible answers. So with a few ideas, fsm, and a paperclip, i head out to the car. Boy it really cranked nice, again. i was just about to really give it the go when i tried the most simplistic tactic. i pushed the gas pedal to the floor and let off.(having read of the comp being tricked into a rich burn mode or something). well wouldnt you know, NOW the car runs as well as it cranks.
I need to say thanks to everyone that contributes to these forums. I could have spent ALOT of money(not to mention bandages on my head) on this problem.
thanks again.
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You may have a minor head wound, but at least you have a nice running car and cash in your pocket. Congrats :thumbsup:

Why are you selling the 86, just going down to a Mono-vette garage? (I see you own an 87 as well).
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