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Stage 3 of my garage build (Stage 1 was the garage itself, Stage 2 was the floor which I posted about earlier) is now complete. More stages coming soon.

After much research, I finally decided on a Challenger VS-10. I laid out the columns using Rhino Ramps which closely approximate the column size. My garage is 25'3" deep and the ceiling height is 13'0" at the center, and my goal was to put the columns as far back as possible while still allowing room to park (small) cars between them and the overhead door, even if it was "tight." While I never plan to own 5 cars, it doesn't hurt to plan. I also needed to ensure enough room behind them to lift any vehicle up to a large SUV (I don't own one, but friends do).

I had it professionally installed by a skilled local shop. They took their time and did a great job. The lower stops aren't adjusted quite right (from the factory), so they have to come out and re-shim the carriages, but the lift works and I can at least get working on cars now. No comments about the electrical wire - I obviously only set that up as a "quickie" to get the lift running and will re-do it this weekend properly :)

Next up I need to finish electrical, compressor lines, and then get HVAC and insulation installed.

Pictures are not modified or cleaned up - this is just how they came out of the camera so please forgive any bad lighting or contrast, etc.

Want to know a cool but unexpected benefit of having a lift? For those of us with bad knees and/or backs (I'm not that old yet, but it's happening already!) it helps with washing/polishing and detailing. You can get the wheels, rockers, and lower door areas right up to eye level.

Such as:

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