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I have previously posted pics and details about my ongoing shop/garage build - stage 1 was the building itself, stage 2 was a lengthy DIY on how I did my epoxy flooring, stage 3 covered the 2-post lift selection and installation, and now I have almost finished stage 4, so I figured I'd post it up.

Next up will be finalizing lighting locations, figuring out wall surfaces, and finding good quality but inexpensive used cabinets and countertops. From there, it will be 99% complete.

Stage 4 included:

  • Adding more lights on a separate switch on the angled rafers for fill light
  • Completing two air compressor outlets, including my regulator and water trap and a 50' hose reel mounted on the ceiling
  • Adding ethernet and coax
  • R-15 insulation in all 2x4 walls, R-19 in 2x6 walls, and R-30 in ceiling and rafter joists, plus proper fire caulking and foam sealing around windows and intrusions
  • Adding a garage vac
  • Adding two 30A, 220v outlets for future welder, etc
  • Organizing several toolboxes
  • Adding 18,000 BTU mini split ductless aircon and heater

The lights (8 total) took a while. I had to disassemble each one, remove the pull switch, remove the plug-in cord, and convert to "hardwire". I mounted each directly to the ceiling joists and ran 12ga romex directly into the hole where the plug came out before. I also spaced them evenly and put them low enough to ensure they are unblocked even with the overhead door wide open. I still have to figure out final placement for the ceiling lights - possibly adding some more to the layout, as the lift interferes with layout symmetry, and then convert all of those to hardwired as well. Each light fixture was $29 at Home Depot and the bulbs were a couple bucks each. Not too bad for the sheer amount of light I have in there. It's like daylight at night.

Using the RapidAir kit from Northern Tool I added around 100 feet of line from the compressor, to the shop, into my regulator/water trap, then to the manifold which splits into one wall outlet and one 50 foot hose reel permanently mounted on the ceiling (on sale at Northern for $50).

Ethernet and coax were simple and were run to the areas where my floor and overhead cabinets will be once I buy them. No cost, since I had large spools of wire already on hand from wiring my basement a year ago.

Garage vac was $150 or so at Amazon including shipping. Works great, very powerful, not too loud, and a very large capacity. Came with tons of tools and cleans up the entire place in minutes.

Using 10-3 romex, I added two 220v, 30A outlets for future use. I had a spare 30A breaker so the wire cost was roughly $70 or so. Neighbor needed some of the wire so we split a 100 foot roll.

Organizing toolboxes after years of careless use - priceless, but very time consuming. How crazy is it that I can no longer find anything due to being so organized???

I had bought a rolling tool cart on sale at Harbor Freight for $160, VERY STURDY with ball bearing drawer slides. Rubber wheels, etc. It's wonderful and I stocked it up with my most common auto repair tools so it should be almost everything I need when doing most jobs.

Bought a Shinco (Chinese brand) 18,000 BTU ductless mini split heat/aircon online for $1100 shipped. Works down to 17 degrees outside temp and provides great heating and cooling. VERY QUIET. Qualifies for 30% federal tax credit, so including my buddy's help to install it, probably under $1000 "out the door" after tax credit is figured in. Small price to pay for the ultimate in comfort for a shop I spend many hours a week in.

Here are some pics of the progress:


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Good looking garage :thumbsup:
Are you going to finish it or leave the insulation exposed?
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