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Ladies and Gents, the weather has decided to hold out for us again (Sunday - Sunny. NW winds 10- mph. Lows in the 40s; highs in the low 70s -, 2011) are we lucky, another fantastic weekend is upon us and it's the third Sunday of the month, time for KewlRides Chillin' (Noon - 3:00).

So while you are out tooling about in that beautiful ride drop by Miller's Ale House and Old Home Depot Parking Lots for KewlRides Chillin'. Tops down, tops off, windows down and a cool breeze, and a great Sunday, drop on by, we will be there, hopefully so will you.

For those of you that do come pull up to the second entrance just after Miller's on the left which leads into a huge combined lot of Millers and the Old Home Depot Expo. The lot in front of Millers is usually where the folks that are really not coming to KewlRides park and we all know that when your baby is parked seeing a somewhat rusted out beat up old car pulling into the parking space next you makes you feel more nervous than a turkey on Thanksgiving. The other lot is usually where the cars have been parking and there is plenty of room.

As some of you know we do collect each month for charity, and the usual charity is the Salvation Army Family Emergency Services (the Food Bank). Joe has told us the Salvation Army Food Bank can use a little help from their friends. If you have box or can goods bring them with you and drop them we will get them to the group as usual. We also want you to remember we at KewlRides understand that contributing/donating is a personal choice for each of us and as such nobody at KewlRides' monthly cruise-ins events should ask anyone for donations.

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