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Vette owners stationed or live overseas in Germany "Now Hear This" ! There is a Corvette CLub just waiting for you to become a member and join in fun of driving your Corvette here in Germany and Europe.

> Our CLub Name: German - American Corvette Club,
Baden - Wurttemberg.

> Our Club Website:

> Club Location: Heidelberg, Mannheim, K-Town, and Stuttgart areas are where most of our members live, work, or are stationed. The bulk of our membership being located in the Heidelberg and Mannheim areas.

> Club Membership:

1. No Fees, No Dues to join or become a member.

2. No Club President, Vice President, or any of elected office in the club. Just a lot of Corvette owners having fun.

3. Club Rule ~ Have Fun.

> Club Meetings: Meetings are held once a month, 1900 hrs, 3rd Thursday of the month during the summer, and 1200 hrs, 3rd Saturday of the month during the winter.

> We're an International Corvette Club with both German and American members.

EVENTS (Cruises and Shows)

> Cruises: There are lots of Events and Club Cruises comng up this summer ~

(1) Our Club Cruise to La Mans, France, June 05.

(2) Corvette FAME 2005 in Valkenburg, Neatherlands, 2-3 July 05.

(3) American Car Show International in Bad Schwalbach, near WIesbaden, Germany, 29-31 July 05.

(4) The Corvette/Viper Shootout at Hockenheim Ring near Heidelberg, Gemany, 9-10 July 05.

(5) Our yearly Club Cruise to Garmisch in August 05.

(6) Corvette Sunday, 11 Sept 05, at St. Leon-Rot, near Heidelberg, Germany sponsored by the "Corvette Freunde-Kurpfatz Club.

> So, anyone lives, works, or is stationed in Germany and are intersted in becoming a member of our club just contact me for more details or go to the club webpage for more information.

> The only requirement for becoming a membership is ~ you must own and drive a Corvette. OK, lets hear form ya !

AKA: Marmaduke
German - American Corvette Club
Badden - Wurttemberg
Heidelberg, Germany
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