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getting an 84 cfi to run faster

the stock 1984 engine had about 205hp


The new L98 engine increased horsepower from 205 to 230 plus a gain in fuel enconomy due in part to new Bosch fuel injection with tuned runners. bye 1991 the L98 was up to 245hp!
theres very little advantage to swapping to a TPI intake, because you need to swap not only the computer and wireing and buy and install a TPI intake, but new throttle body and the TPI is still only a 40hp upgrade at best and still very restrictive. everyone I know thats useing a TPI engine wants better airflow, your stock cross fire intake is totally out of airflow by about 4000rpm, the TPI only raises the rpm level to about 4700rpm where it also hits a flow wall resticting the engine, your far better off swapping a few parts on your 1984 like in the post listed below

look at it this way, youve got a known good corvette that lacks power, drop about $2000 in the listed heads,cam,intake and your about 115 plus hp ahead, (thats a minimum of 320hp)(youll really be much higher its just that that hp level,is a almost total no brainer) a totally differant engine, if your into even more hp, install a 383 kit with 10.5:1 cpr pistons. either way youll leave stock TPI cars seeing fast dissappearing tail lights. getting 350-370hp is not that hard!!! (especially on a 383 cid displacement ,AFR 190cc cylinderhead ,custom SY1,CRANE CAM EQUIPED 10.5:1 cpr engine with headers)

look at combo #15,#16,#17
custom lid on SY1

SY1 with custom lid

SY1 runners
SY-1 with custom lid
CRANE 114132 cam
AFR 195cc heads
an EASY 80-100HP BOOST over the stock intake
if your willing to put up with a slightly rougher idle in exchange for an additional 10-15hp (110-115 total over the stock engine use a CRANE #114142 cam) if you want even more power add a 383 high compression engine kit
look at combo #15,#16,#17

sure the milder cam I said runs well with the modified cross fire SY1 will cost some hp but youll see the diffeance, and remember the SY1 is made to produce more power than almost any single carb intake!

this approach allows you to stay with all the orignal wireing, cpu,throttle bodies, air cleaners,ETC.
yeah youll need to have a custom lid made but they are available or you can make it yourself, or have a local machine shop build a custom lid. yes youll need to find and purchase a used SY1 as EDELBROCK no longer sells them. (EBAY has them almost daily in the $250-$350 range. the stock CFI intake has a very hard time EVEN WHEN EXTENSIVELY PORTED REACHING 350HP, an UNTOUCHED SY1 can EASILLY flow in the 475hp range!

heres the same info useing the OFFENHAUSER BASE,(KEEP IN MIND THE EDELBROCK SY1 avoids all the problems with the wipper motor clearances
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