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Finally you can smell the summer in the air, no more snow here! I will post updates here about my preparation for the summer. I started with getting the dust of the car and making it shine again...

I think the paint looks good, mind you that it was last painted back in 1985!

In the next part I'm going to show how we dig out the 300hp motor and swap it for a 600hp monster... :partyon:

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It's been awhile since my last update, but better late than never right? :laughing:

I finished the 5-speed TKO swap and I now have the new engine inplace, still need to hook up my fuel lines to fire it up.

The engine came from Shafiroff and it's based on their UltraStreet 434ci, but I added this and that to it to make fit my purpose even better. :laughing:

The transmission kit came from Keisler and it really is a quality kit, their shifter is work of art.

I also wanted to add Power steering and brakes to this car, I always hated it with the manual steering and brakes. It was a 2 hour job with the engine out of the car and the car beeing on the lift.

PAinted and detailed the whole engine bay before installing the transmission and engine back, made quite adifference.

Here's few shots of what's been going on lately.

I've done this so many times that removing the engine from the get go took only 45 mins and I still had time to take photos... :laughing:

Brake booster in place. Not too hard to install. Needed to drill 2 holes for the upper bolts. Hardest part was fitting the clevis from the booster to the brake pedal.

Power steering, fits the bill just right. I like to powerslide my cars and this certainly helps alot!

The new engine...

I don't know how I ever managed without the 2-post lift. I makes working on this cars so much more enjoyable! The TKO-600 is installed in this pic.


New engine has landed in its new home...

I can't wait to drive it.

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