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ski_dwn_it said:
I am sure that the IRS is costing us at least .3sec on our ETs. The IRS is NOT very condusive to power transfer, cause its like a universal/swivel on a soon as you get an angle involved, you loose power. These rears are no different. Wanna pick up some serious power next time on a dyno - have them pull your rear downward, till the 1/2 shafts are dead nuts sticking out the sides of the differential ;) You can change it by an EASY 30-40 hp if you play with that alone. :cheers:
Lots of wheel hop, right?
I see lots of FWD vehicles with drivetrain hop. I can only imagine it being detrimental to launches.
Do you strap your axle links in any way to limit the movement?
The track cars with the fourlink and spools, sans suspension,
seem to launch the best.
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