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As I had mentioned in previous threads I had hopes to put a lil run together touring through the gold country of Cali in the fall as the leaves were changing. Well having a new to me used Vette, I was hopeful to get things done in time. It seems one thing after another keeps going out. Tried for a test run to the bay area and back last week and more things went wrong. Alternator went out. Easy fix and on the way home I have ck engine light on and stumbling prob now.

I haven't had the time or car to scout the run. I'm going to park it and go through the whole car this winter. I do still plan on doing this gold leaf run as I hoped for. It's just going to have to wait till next year to get going. I'm saddened to have to put it off cause I don't hear of many corvette runs in Nor~Cal. This would be just a run for all Corvettes. Who cares about looks or affiliation. Just a fun run being around the cars ya love. Corvettes.

I will be posting again in the spring about the run. I have the rout idea in mind but will be looking into start and finish meeting places for convenience of all.

Thank you all for the interest and hope to meet some of you at the 1st ever Gold leaf run next year. :thumbsup:
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