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Good Prices??? 2007 C6 Z51 auto, paddle shifters.

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Does anyone know whats the best price I can get for a new 2007 C6 Z51, auto, with paddle shifter, and 3LT??

Please if anyone knows on good prices I'd really appreaciate it PLEASE let me know!!:nuts:
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Rick 'Corvette' Conti, this site's supporting dealer is trying to get rid of '07 Vette's like crazy, selling 3LT packages for $8000 under sticker.

Check out for details, he WILL hook you up. I was soooo close to buying one from him, but he's out of LMB Coupes.

Welcome to D.C. by the way!
The sticker on my Vette was 57 Thousand. I got it for 43 thou with a trade in worth 15 thou.

It has the same options you listed above.

Also, look for dealers that have more than a couple of Corvette's, this will tell you that a dealership sells good and knows what they are talking about. If you search the internet real good and look in your neck of the woods, you'll find a deal somewhere!

Good luck.

Thanks u guys i really appreciate it. I am planning to buy one soon just that down here where I live (in Texas near the Mexico Border) there are no dealerships that sell many corvettes. If they have one in stock they will raise the price big time cause there isnt many down here!! But im woundering what would be the nearest dealership that has a big inventory of corvettes?? but n e ways thanks for the info. and if u all know of any dealerships near where I live PLEASE let me know. THANKS
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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