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I must is a pretty bad ass car. Way over priced at $76K but pretty sweet looking. A lot better in person than the pics. My favorite feature...the door handles, well actually the lack thereof. There are notches in the top of the rear quarter panel that allow you to slip your hand under the door edge. There you will not find any hinged handle, but in fact a soft rubber pad that when it senses pressure it pops the door open as you pull. It also has the Benz feature that causes the window to automatically drop about a 1/4 inch when the door is opened. Then when you close the door, about a 1/2 second later the window then closes up to make the seal on the top.

For the money I would still buy the Benzo E55 AMG instead!!!

I crawled under the car to look at the frame work since this XLR is supposed to share the same frame with the C6. The bottom from what I could see was very smooth. I couldnt see the front very well but the rear suspension looked tight with dual A-arms, shocks and a thick ass sway bar.

GM is making serious strides forward with this car!:thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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