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I took another drive to the North Georgia mountains today. Yesterday I started too late and did not prepare the trip at all. It basically just whetted my appetite for another drive. This time I prepped better and made a plan of sorts.
I decided to visit a couple of state parks, take photographs, and do some touring/driving. I went North on GA400 and veered left towards Dahlonega on US19.GA60.
After leaving Dahlonega going North on US19/129 the fun soon started as the roads are very nicely maintained, very twisty and the traffic was light.
I drove on this outstanding road up to Vogel State Park where GA180 turns left (west) towards Suches.
The park is very nice with a beautiful lake and sand beach, great accommodations and a staffed welcome center. I took a nice swim and laid out in the sun for a bit. The beach was almost empty. What a beautiful day! I took some good photos of the Trahlyta lake falls and the surrounding area. Then I went to a little country store where they had some wonderful locally grown apples and other fruits. The apples were great! small and very sweet.

Back to the driving again, this time on GA180 going West from US19/129. This road is very much like the famous "Tail of the Dragon" in NC/TN. The difference is that is a shorter ride, but very well worth it specially in a nice sports car :D. This road takes you to the Wnifield Scott lake and rec area which is another beautiful spot to picnic, swim, fish or camp. After more pictures and a little rest and leg stretching, I hit the road again and followed it to its end on GA60. This is yet another outstanding curvy mountain road in either direction.

I went back and forth on GA180 enjoying throughly the handling, brakes and power of my Z51 :thumbsup: I wrapped up the day by picnicking in a little secluded spot by a mountain stream with some first class sushi I bought in Atlanta and kept in a cooler, yummy!

While I was driving on GA180, I took a little video with my iphone. Just to give you an idea of the quality of these roads!

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