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Griots car care produts?

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has anybody heard or have used these products? just want to get your opinion on this product...thanks...Clint
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I've been using their products (nearly all of them) on my C6 LMB and now on my C6 Z-06 LMB and have been well satisfied. I'd agree with the cvomment about the black not being helped all that much as that was the case with a ZR1 I had for a while. Their process deepens the color considerably and the clay bar is the best I've tried. Speed Shine and clay bar and the car feels terrific. hen the wax goes on like melted butter and the color pops. I've found the folks there pretty knowledgeable but I'm close enough I can get intyo the Tacoma Washington store. Rumor has it that Richard Griot is negotiating for a C6 orange convertible to add to his fleet.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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