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Guess what pulls up next to dream car

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Im sitting in the parking lot of the Buona Beef writing an accident report when I hear this high pitched engine noise coming from behind me. As I look to my left, I see something that I never thought I would see in person....

Of course this picture is just a model, but the real thing was right next to me. This one had some sweet black centered rims with a polished outter lip. Looked like a 3 piece to me and really stood out against the metallic orange paint!

It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. That bright Orange Metallic paint shining. I just about creamed my pants right there.

As the two scissor doors gracefully open, I see a middle aged man and his wife exit the car. I jumped out of my squad and just about scared the **** out of them.

They were a very nice couple and talked with me for a while about the car. This guy who owns this one, also has a restored older model Countach and apparently is one of the only Americans that Lambo recognizes as a professional Lambo restorer. Lambo invited him to Italy and built this car specifically for him. His wife throws out an invite to come over to their house to see the Murceilago and the Countach in more detail and to get a ride in them!!

I was speechless for about an hour afterward seeing and hearing that car. It was unreal!

There are only 150 of them in the entire United States!!!

I felt like such a little kid. I am such a Lambo nut and have been since I was a young lad.

I just had to share that with you all!
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So when you going? I also wanted one but know I couldn't ever afford one, go take some pictures...
That is so :cool:! About two weeks ago I saw a Bright Orange Lambo on the back of a flat bed truck belonging to Fox Valley Motor Cars heading south on 355, it got off at the North Ave exit, so I assume it was heading for Fox Valley. Wonder if it was the same car, the one I saw had Florida plates.
Can't wait to see your comments after the ride, don't forget the camera.
Couldn't you have written a ticket for something ... then impounded the car?
Ah yes, the things that dreams are made of.:) :) Oh well, guess I'll go take a ride in my old corvette. :laughing: :laughing:
I will be taking a swing by this dudes house on tues or wed in the mighty Z06 with my new digital camera!

I hope he doesnt think Im some stalker!!
was his wife hot ? you should have cuffed her :D
cool story.
cool BLB....haven't seen a murciealgo yet but i'm sure i will in time....there are several diablos around town...see one every 4-5 months...just saw a black one about a month ago
Punk Boy said:
cool BLB....

Punk....Who is BLB?
So, BLB, did you ever meet up with them and get a ride?
Well I dont know why you screw balls are calling me BLB, but no I never got around to stalking the guy at his house.
BLB, sorry to hear you didn't get a ride in the Lambo. Or worse, that you didn't get to drive it!
BLB = Big Law Bud :D

One of many screw balls here :buhbye:
sorry i quess im the only one who thinks those cars are butt ugly.theres a club around here and a guy has one.i asked why hes always sitting in it,he says no warrenty,the belts need changing every 7 thousand(something like that)miles.i said so.he says the motor must come out of the car to do so,clutchs wear out super fast,thats why you never see them on the road coarse.i think the c4 and c5 look way better.he did race a 69 camero on the street and need big doolars just to own one,not for me,NEVER,:lookinup: im hiding now,i know BIG LAW MAN is lookin for me.seems like the more a person payes for a car the less they drive it!should be the other way around.i gotta hide now,i hear a cruiser coming down the street.:lookinup: is it law man.
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