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Corvette Blogger is telling us...
Hagarty is claiming that GM dropped the following into their "...editorial lap."


The good news is that (in case you didn't read our prior thread) the 2022 Z06 is rumored to start production early in Q1 2021 as a 2022 model. When will the first deliveries be? Too many variables right now. Even IF the post-pandemic production starts in late Summer, there are a LOT of Stingray orders to fill before Verts and right-hand drive models can start production. THEN will come the Z06. We also need to consider development challenges. The Z06 has a reputation to both uphold and to break. It needs to destroy the performance of most Ferraris, Lambos, almost everything with a German accent while selling for $85k (starting). But it better not have any over-heating problems!!! It will be interesting to see what they do to the C8 to get PLENTY of cooling to the Z06.

Notice that the 2023 Grand Sport gets 1/2 of an exclusive power train AND will be AWD for the first time ever in a Corvette from the factory!! So the GS will probably have performance numbers that approach those of the Z06, but will likely get there with less drama than the Z06 if historical model relationships remain. BTW, that MUST be a mistake on the torque for the GS. It has the same LT2 but if that chart is correct, they add an electric motor with 105HP and only 30 lb-ft of Tq. This does NOT sound right. Electric motors usually have a LOT of torque. I suppose they could limit it with gearing and/or electronically but not likely with the time length of battery feed. If my limited electric motor knowledge is correct, max power and max torque in an electric motor are almost instantaneous. So their torque and HP curves resemble the side of a barn. You could write a very thick text book on what I do NOT KNOW about Electric cars and their motors so I could definitely be wrong. Some of you guys must be engineers and can shed some light on the likelihood of the GS Tq being correct or not...PLEASE! Also keep in mind that traditionally, the GS pricing has always been below that of the Z06 because it uses the base engine with the Z06 look. But now....who knows???

As for the ZR1 and the Zora....well WOW! I would NOT want to speculate on their pricing. BUT, I will point out that the electric motor in the AWD Zora has 150HP and 150 lb-ft tq.
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