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Half my hood opens??

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Lately, the hood latch hasn't been working well on my 84. I pull the latch handle, and when I try to lift the hood, only the drivers side wants to go. I then bounce it a little bit and the passenger side will come up. For the last week or so, the passenger side will not open at all. The latch on the drivers side works 100%, but the one on the passenger side is operating on the big 0%. I have one of those hood popper rod tools, but I can't figure out how to work it, especially on the passenger side. Any ideas?
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It seems thats the consences. The pass. side is harder to open than the drivers. Try removing the wheel well and reaching up in there and see if you can't get it open that way. Sounds like you might want to look into adjusting your cable if possible.
The hood on my 87 did that during the last year I owned it. I never did find a fix for it. I didn't try real hard to find one though b/c if I lifted the driver side to the highest point and let it slam shut, the pass side would pop on the next try. :crazy:
I have the hood tool, but I can't figure it out for the passenger side. I wish I could, cuz its a good idea.

I'll try your idea War Machine, hopefully it works for me too. Thanks!
Upon closer inspection, the hood cable broke off the handle under the dash. A pair of vise grips opened it right up, and with a minor modification involving rebar wire, I now have an emergency hood release (Or a temporary one until my new cable comes at least).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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