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Hello everyone. Thanks to all of you here I was finally able to remove my trailing arms despite all of the PITA stuff along the way. :cheers: I'm getting ready to make a move on shipping them off. I also want to upgrade my half shafts with new u joints while I am doing things. I currently have the greasable ones on there. They look to be in pretty good shape, but one is missing the grease fitting. Don't know what is going on with them since the car came from a previous owner. Is it best to go ahead and rebuild them with the maintenance free heavy duty spicers, or should I invest in some new half shafts like Denny's heavy duty 3 inchers? I will not be racing, but I want to upgrade to more horsepower in the future. Probably around 350 to 400 horsepower. Just trying to do things right the first time, but not trying to just waste money either. Thanks in advance. Oh by the way the same thing applies to my strut rods. Should I invest in some new adjustable ones, or should I just go with poly bushings and call it a day. Thanks again. Sorry for the long post.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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