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Quote from the other forum:

"Katech got 512 RWHP on their Mustang Dyno and at 15% that is 602 crank HP. I installed the Killer Bee and a DynoJet got 558 RWHP and at 15% that is 656 at the crank. Mods are all from Katech except Killer Bee which Katech now installs."

The Halltech Killer Bee AAIS has added 12 HP/ 11 ft. lbs torque to all of Katech's packages, and is their official induction system.

All engine dyno R&D on the LS7 is done in one of Katech's dyno cells and utilizes an off the shelf Killer Bee AAIS as the standard induction system.

Katech is the premier automotive engineering and engine testing facility for GM and co developed the LS7 for all of us. They also built all of the Corvette C5.R racing engines for Corvette Racing and the LS7.R in the two Yellow C6.Rs.

Katech just dynoed a Z06 with their torquer cam/Corsas and Killer Bee AAIS and added 65 RWHP to the baseline (494 RWHP). NO headers! Stock exhaust manifolds and cats. WOW!

Jim Hall
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