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halltech Z06 filter replacement question and general ed

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all of jim hall if u are scanning this, 2 simple questions, i owned a c6 stinger SSM for my 06 c6, traded the car, resold the stinger to a very happy owner.
2 questions,
i have a 07 Z06 now, and saw ur new air filter pad, i saw this pad was mainly for 1/4 m, short trips etc, i have seen conflicting forum claims that this can be used for normal street use all the time. I did not get that impression from ur ad.
also, do u remove a maf sensor plug the same way on a Z06 as u do on a c6? I was looking at my air filter today, and could not get maf sensor plug off,pulled the gray tab on the bottom out towards drivers side, and squeezed underside of plug and pulled, no luck, am i missing somethere, i routiney installed and deinstalled my stinger so i thought i had this very simple procedure figured out. It seem easaier on a c6, can u please calify and reply to my question.
I did not see a contact us buttom on ur website and u do not accept PM or email sent from here, thought posting this may be my only way to contact you.
matt in NC:thumbsup:
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i got a hold of him and got my question answered

thanks, i finally found his email i had from when i was a stinger SSM owner for my previous C6. he has a new kit coming out soon that will handle the street filter issue for daily driving. I really liked the stinger SSM and it really did a great job, i had it tuned (not by jim) with a borla cat and gained about 18rwhp with both items. On my Z06, i am not ready to really do the mods to engine quite yet, jim's CAI and air intakes are really first class, and i was able to get a good price my used one after i had removed it off my C6 before i traded. He does great work, i had waited for a red tube, it set my yellow FRCS with red lettering off very nicely, i joked that the red made the car alittle faster than the black tube ahahah
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