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Has Anyone done an HUD Install in thier C6

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I just purchased an HUD from someone and i will need to buy the switch and harness also, Just wanted to know if anyone has done this already

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I am curious as to what you find out on this. There is someone on the other corvette website who claims to have built a kit to do this but I am not sure why you could not just buy all of the required parts. Please update this thread when you install.

Just got my HUD purchased on e-bay today. I will be going to the dealer tomorrow to see what else i need to purchase. Just for info. so far i purchased the HUD for 280.00.
Other than it will be a bit lighter on the non-hud windshield, I would assume it can be done. Post pics along with the installation process. It will sure help out many 1LT and 2LT owners.
isn't the windshield different on non-HUD cars? I thought that the HUD equipped cars had a special reflective windshield. Will the HUD show up on a car windshield that isn't the specific HUD one?
Will the HUD show up on a car windshield that isn't the specific HUD one?
Yes the C-5 Z06's didn't have the hud windshield and the hud works just fine on those.:thumbsup:
Yes the C-5 Z06's didn't have the hud windshield and the hud works just fine on those.:thumbsup:
This is true...but you will be able to see it much better on the glass that is specifically for the has some sort of "gas" that is in the glass that makes it display better. COSTS A TON if it works for you on the NON-gas/display glass...I'd go with that. I asked a glass repair shop that did some work for me in the past on my C4...told me that on my C5 the windshield would be almost $1000 installed! Compaired to a few hundred for non-HUD glass.

Can anyone think of something they could apply to the inside of the windshield that might help him see it better without paying a TON for the correct glass? Maybe a small piece of 5% tint or something that would help reflect it? I don't know! Just an idea...once it's installed use a wax pencil and trace around the area and cut a piece to fit that part? Just an idea if you can't see it very well.


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As per the glass issue, Drive behind a truck on the turnpike and when a rock cracks your windshield, its covered under you Insurance policy here in florida.

i have other issues now trying to figure out the wire harness problem. It costs 1200.00 for the harness from chevy. I will need to find a vette that may have had a HUD and is now totaled that i can get the plug from. Today i purchased the switch set that goes on the left side of the cluster and the nuts and bolts that hold down the HUD. Still need the Plastic that goes over the HUD as a finish Bezel also:huh:
HUD Install is done!!

Took me just under 5 hours and thats because i also changed my shifter to a short shifter. If you can change your oil, you can make this upgrade. I still have the regular glass and the image looks great at night. i will see how it looks tomorow. Had to take out alot of screws but the instructions were really easy. Here are some pics. It gets real ugly when you have to actually dismantle the dash of a new Vette to get this, but in the end it was all worth it.

I highly Recomend this Kit sold by Dennis. He is very Knowledgable with the kit he has produced and it trully can not get any easier than this.

Good Luck!!
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