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have you been to your local gun shop or range lately?
Im all for teaching the novices to safely handle firearms and helping them gain the required skills,
but watching the new customers is not making me feel that confident in a few cases.
in my opinion, it would be darn hard to have acquired "TOO MUCH AMMO"
and it would be rather foolish to own any firearm you might consider for personal or home defensive use,
for which you don,t have at least several hundred cartridges readily at hand at all times and several magazines.
I find it rather amusing and rather depressing when I see people in PANIC MODE" desperate to buy a box of ammo,
I would think if you're consistent in your thought process concerning your personal and families security,
you would at all times keep your ammo supply at at least safe minimum levels.
now that does in no way suggest you need to hoard vast amounts of ammo,
but Id darn sure want 100-200 cartridges for the rifle or pistol or shotgun,
I was planning on using in any theoretical home invasion style, confrontation,
If I was under the impression, that society and law enforcement were to totally break down,
like the mad max apocalypse scenario
and only you alone could be able to defend your family,
(something I hope we never see and really don't expect to see happen)
but something Ive heard discussed as if its imminent
(I think thats about as likely as winning the lotto)
but I see guys at the local gun shops trying to buy up cases of ammo,
and at prices that would make me gag!
I find it even more amusing and depressing when I know
the purchaser has no idea that #4 birdshot and buck shot are different,
or that the last box of 38 super ammo clutched in his hand will not fit his 38 spc revolver

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