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Having trouble choosing...

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I am in the market for a new coupe...I am lucky enouch to qualify for supplier pricing and was shopping for a one was going under supplier pricing to compete with the new and improved 2008, so I placed an order (which I can cancel) for a 2008. Now some dealerships are going under supplier pricing and I don't know if the discounts are enough to go with a 2007 or if I should just wait for the 2008...what do y'all think, is the price break on the 07s enough to cancel out the performance of the 08s? that kind of money will buy a few bolt-ons...

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The pricing seems to be really good on 2007s now. I forget how much off supplier pricing is, but as much as I like the improvements for 2008, if the difference is $4-5k, I'd probably get a 2007.

I'm hoping to scrape together enough to get a leftover 2008 at this time next year, but I just spent a lot of our savings on a basement remodel and need to replenish that, so I can't swing one this year. But if it weren't for the basement, I'd be all over a 2007 right now. :)
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