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Does anyone make a set of headers that bolt right in. looking for a 69 bb. Seems ya get the headers and ya have to put a few dings or dents in them because they don't clear the steering box or some part of the suspension.:crazy:
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While I don't have any personal experience on a C3 I have used Sanderson's on a big block 67 and they worked out fine. You might want to check their web site and speak with them about what they might have for your car.

Rich Lagasse
I just pulled my headers out prior to lifting out the engine ('69 BB). I noticed my beautiful ceramic coated (driver's side) header was all scarred and rusty where it had contacted the steering box. I can't believe all header manufacturers are that sloppy in their tolerances, but I suppose when you also add the build tolerances of the Corvette frame and various brand motor mounts, the stackup of tolerances will bite a bunch of us.
Don't have an answer for you. Just a "Good luck" in your search.
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