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heading to puerto rico

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off to sun , fun, sunburn , fun , nude beach < alot of sunburn in places where sun never shines , found in maybe 20 years going to p/r only 3 corvettes !!
one I would not call a corvette but its his car so its the way he likes it !!!its a 1996 with a rear wing taller then the car fat fenders tires that a blazer could use painted purple / pink and get this green !!!

will be back tuesday 5/29
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Have Fun Jim:cheers:

Don't forget to get some pics of the beach ;)
culebra. quiet place to hide,,, and FISH.:thumbsup: save the:buhbye:
Drink a Mojito for me Jim
Have fun bro! :thumbsup:
Dated a girl from Puerto Rica. Elba, she was fun.
Have fun bro and watch the sunburn.
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