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Headlight adjustment questions.

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Hey guys installing my headlights into my new hood and am curious about adjusting them to match the hood. In the first pic I have circled in red what I believe to be the bump stop for the door in green I circled what I think is the adjustment for the top of the door when closed. Now, am I right? Do I adjust the bumpstop to get the bottom of the door level with the hood then loosen the green screws to get the top level with the hood?
The second shows how much the door is off at the bottom. That is a 3/16" flat head screwdriver in the pic. The circled red part is the side of the door that hits the hood and the door is all the way to the other side as the slots will allow. Is there another adjustment I can do or do I need to modify the mounting bracket to make it more adjustable.
Thoughts? Anything at this point would be a help.

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dont know if this helps raid but when i did my motors i adjusted the light got it centered then i used the bump you have circled in red to adjust the height for the hood w/ that
If I remember correctly there should be additional screws towards the back of the headlight lid. And yes, you just loosen those screws and adjust it so that it has an even distance all around the lid with the hood, and so that it is flush with the hood.

As far as the door and hood goes, I had a similar problem when attaching my hood. But you should notice that on the frame extension bars where the hood brackets meet the frame, there are a few screws (4?) that attaches the hood bracket to frame. There is some play in both of those brackets because the hood brackets have slotted holes so that you can slide the entire hood to the rear of the car or front. Screw in all of the screws and just leave them loose so that you can slide the hood back and forth.

I also had to shim my door out a bit so that there would be more clearence for the hood. Open the door and youll notice a few attachment screws. Loosen these and then you can use almost anything to shim the door.

Hope this helps, good luck:thumbsup:
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