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hey everyone

I am having an issue with the drivers side headlight motor on my '85

- passenger side appears to work fine - lights on up and down on command

drivers side light works no up or down

will open with turning the knob manually
had just changed all new relays after issue (not the brightest move but oh well)

was looking at the fsm to try to see if i can decipher the witchcraft used to create automotive circuits

removed the relay to check the connections red was constant 12v, yellow 12v when lights on, 0 when off, black 0 all done with ignition switch off

next connector - white and dark green - both tested 12 v without anything on - that did not seem right nor was it according to the book - unless i am reading something wrong and or doing something wrong

i checked these with the relay unplugged from these connectors - so is that the way to test that or did i do something wrong or are my green and white wires messed up?

if i am supposed to leave the relay on for the test - how does that work

very confused on this

any help would be really appreciated

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