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heater hose braid

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I'm generally one to be much more focused on performance enhancing improvements, but I felt it was time to rid the engine compartment of one eyesore. The old heater hoses were red and covered with grime and dirt.

bought one of those $25 SS braided hose cover kits from summit with the intention of using them on my rad hoses. That didn't quite pan out, but I still had the heater hose covers to use. Bought some new hose from Advance Auto for $12 and put the new braid on.

It was fairly painless once I got the hang of it. A couple little snags here but nothing major. The kit comes with 4 hose clamp covers, but like many others I have a valve to shut off the flow to the heater core in summer months so I needed two more. Got a couple nice clamp covers from Speedway Motors.

About 3.5 hours start to finish including going to Advance and eating dinner. Looks much better now.

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Very nice, I used the same kit only in red:thumbsup:
Looks good, glad to some more guys posting pictures too:partyon:
Looks good, glad to some more guys posting pictures too:partyon:
pics make a world of difference in a thread. Worth a thousand words and all. I have the problem of taking them at rediculously high res and even when resize them they're too big for any lower resolution setting someone might have. If you want to see 'em bigger you gotta go to "my photos"
Looks nice, waxer!:laughing:

na just kidding. Just because you like go fast parts doesn't mean you can't take some time to make it look good as well. Keep up the good work your building quite the car there.:thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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