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Hello from Auburn, IN

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I finally got a Corvette last summer!! I ended up getting an '85.
Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

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Hi Pat and Welcome to DC. Thats a great car, a co-worker of mine has a red 85.. very nice :thumbsup: Any photos you can share, or additional details about your vette?
Welcome to DC Pat. Enjoy the site
Hi pat have a good time here on DC I had a 84 and restored it then sold at a loss oh well:thud:
Hello from the other side of the state. :buhbye:
Welcome to DC. Lots of great info here, enjoy.
Thank you!

Thank you all for the welcome. This seems to be a fun site. As soon as I figure out how to upload some photos I will put some on here. I haven't had any luck yet.

Welcome to DC Pat :thumbsup:
The Photos must be hosted on the web or you can upload them to DC directly. Just click on the Corvette Photos in the banner or here and use the upload Photos :thumbsup:

I guess that I could add a little detail about my Corvette while the images are pending approval.

It has a Greenwood body kit on it, Borla exhaust, it is the 4+3.

I have been working on bringing things back to safe to drive standards, eg; u-joints, rear hubs, belt, ....... I do have future plans for it once I get things to the point that I have a solid platform to work with.
Great, I can't wait to see the Pics :thumbsup:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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