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Hello everyone, new here on the forum. Tommorrow is the big day on a brand new c6 black on black vette which the dealership should have ready for me. Excited to add to the stable. I do own 2 nsx's which I do dearly love. I have always been a chevy/acura guy and open to great cars. I will be in the market for a new 08 zo6 when they are out when I return back from Iraq in Aug. I am only home on vacation but I decided to indulge and buy one today to get myself familiar with them.

Till my 2nd post glad to be aboard.

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Welcome aboard and congrats on the purchase.

My buddy had been doing contract work in Iraq for Honeywell. When he came home the first time he bought a Z06, and bought a freak mode speed boat the second time he came back. It really gave him something to look forward to.

Have fun!
Welcome to DC

THanks for the welcome guys. Now I have to order some wheels and upgrade the alarm.

Greetings from Texas!
:thumbsup: Welcome :thumbsup:​
Welcome to DC...:buhbye:
Welcome from our Nation's Capital!!!!!!
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