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I own a 92 Lt1. I jumpered the OBD1 (ALDL) port to extract the codes. The codes I was getting in the 1, 4, and 9 computer subsections and are as follows:
  • Section 1: C41, H41, H54, H74
  • Section 4: Err
  • Section 9: H72
But these codes only happen when the car gets warm. Runs fine when cold. But at that point, the engine goes into limp mode and is barely driveable, not able to go over 3,ooo RPM and runs really rough, kind of bucking and as though it wants to die completely. I will add that after it happens, sometimes a clicking sound comes from the driver's side bank of injectors. I was only able to restart the car when I disconnected the battery and reconnected it. When I do that, the codes clear and the car starts and the SES and ASR light go off. Also, I thought maybe it was getting fuel starvation, so by spraying starter fluid in the plenum I could get it to "try" to start, but nothing until I disconnected the battery.
One final thing. The SES light and the ASR light are what illuminates every time.
So my question is do you think the problem is in the ECM, or in the optispark? Or maybe something else? This is driving me crazy, especially that it only happens when at operating temp (about 190 degrees) What are these codes indicating? Thanks in advance!
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