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HELP!!!!! Holy Cow Codes!!!

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Ok, I probably shouldn't have been reading some diagnostic threads, but I did and went and manually checked the codes in my car. Ok, that was probably the wrong thing for me to do! There were 9 codes in there! WTF! Maybe I'm just an idiot, which is probably the bigger issue here. They are all "H" codes, which I read in a thread that means they are in the past, but still. Any suggestions on these codes will be greatly appreciated!! Here's the list

U1064 - Yeah it hit twice, once in the LDCM and once in the RDCM.

I know I'm probably over reacting, but damn.
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P0171 - Fuel Trim System Lean
P0174 - Same as above
P1518 - TAC Module Serial Data Circuit: TAC is Throttle Actuator Control
C1293 - Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor Circuit
C1294 - Brake Lamp Switch Circuit Always Active
B0521 - Tachometer Signal Circuit Malfunction
U1160 - Performance Related: Lost Communication with something
U1064 - Same as above
U1064 - Yeah it hit twice, once in the LDCM and once in the RDCM.

I hope this helps. I wish I could diagnos for you but this is the best I have. I usually query GOOGLE with the description and a key word like "Fix" or "How to", something of that nature.
sounds like they are all history codes and not to worry.many cars have them,its a good idea to clear them once in awhile.but they are helpful sometimes in check hard codes. if ya have no cel all is okay
Yeah, but if you have the problem I was plagued with you may want to toss the car in the shop. My ride was constantly hitting me with Service Engine Soon but then only showing History codes. I'd clear them out, one or two would pop back in, still history. It took Shaggy and Scooby to solve that caper!
Thanks guys. I feel a little better, of course the drive in this morning at 110 mph might have helped!!!

Semper Fi!:thumbsup:
The Vette will throw codes. It doesn't mean anything is 'wrong'. It just happens in the normal course of driving. They will clear themselves out after a while. Some are after 3 ignition cycles without a problem some are 20 cycles. After you clear them and constantly get the same cose then you could be developing a problem
Torch is right. Clear them out and see if any return quickly. Computers have limits, sometimes agressive driving can temporarily cause you to exceed those limits. Doesn't mean that there is necessarily a problem, they are just recorded in case you suspect a problem it gives you a place to start looking.
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